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Second Sunday of Lent

February 25th 2024


My dear parishioners at St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s,


I hope this finds you and your families well. The Second Week of Lent invites us to reflect on the wonderful moment of the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor. I offer the following words from Pope Francis:


During the Transfiguration, the voice of the Father resounds, proclaiming Jesus to be his most beloved Son, saying, Listen to him. This is important! Our heavenly Father said this to these apostles, and says it to us as well, Listen to Jesus, because he is my beloved Son. This week let us keep this word in our minds and in our hearts: Listen to Jesus. The Pope is not saying this. God the Father says it to everyone, all people! It is like an aid for going forward on the path of Lent, Listen to Jesus!


From the event of the Transfiguration I would like to take two significant elements that can be summed up in two words ascent and descent. We all need to go apart, to ascend the mountain in a space of silence, to find ourselves and better perceive the voice of the Lord. This we do in prayer. But we cannot stay there! Encounter with God in prayer inspires us anew to descend the mountain and return to the plain, where we meet many brothers and sisters weighed down by fatigue, sickness, injustice, ignorance, poverty, both material and spiritual. To these brothers and sisters in difficulty, we are called to bear the fruit of that experience with God, by sharing the grace we have received. And this is curious. When we hear the Word of Jesus, when we listen to the Word of Jesus and carry it in our heart, this Word grows. Do you know how it grows? By giving it to others the Word of Christ grows in us when we proclaim it, when we give it to others! And this is what Christian life is. It is a mission for the whole church, for all the baptized, for us all: Listen to Jesus and offer him to others. Do not forget this week, Listen to Jesus! Pope Francis


It seems to me that this reflection also invites us to listen anew to one another, especially those with whom we live or those with whom we have close bonds. Sometimes it’s good to stop and ask ourselves if we can remember the last thing someone close to us has spoken about or shared with us. Was I really listening? And was I listening with genuine interest and care and compassion? Recently in one of the missionary magazines, one of the contributors said, we have two ears and one mouth for a reason; we should be listening twice as much as we speak!


And you may well be thinking: Listen to him, who speaks so much! He should lead by example! It would be good, therefore, to hear what you are thinking about the Wellspring Project and, for that reason, I invite you to come along to the parish hall on Tuesday March 26th at 7pm. Let’s listen to one another as we share our responses to this important pastoral initiative.

Father O’Brien


Parish Hall Committee meets this Wednesday evening at 7pm in the parish hall;

I offer here the times of the Liturgy for the coming week:


Monday February 26th: Mass at St. Mary’s at 10am

Rosary at 9.40am Confessions at 6.30-7.50pm; Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help at 7pm


Tuesday February 27th: Mass at St. Mary’s at 10am

Stations of the Cross at 9.40am


Wednesday February 28th: Requiem Mass for Mr. John Darby at 10am

Reception on Tuesday evening at 6pm


Thursday February 29th Mass at St. Mary’s at 10am

Stations of the Cross at 9.40am


The Beginning Experience is holding a weekend for those who find themselves suffering bereavement through divorce, separation or widowhood. This weekend will take place from 5th-7th April 2024 at St. Mary’s, Kinnoull, Perth. For details contact Louise on 07926 571004 or email Completed applications must be returned by 22nd March 2024.


CMS Retreat for Men: you would be welcome to join the CMS for a Lenten Day of Reflection from 10am -3pm on Saturday 2nd March in St. James’ Church Coatbridge; the parish priest, Fr. Paul Denny, will lead the day; cost including restaurant lunch is £25 and transport is available; please contact Peter Lavery Snr on 07546 569461.


CREDO, the parish faith-sharing group meets this Tuesday in the parish meeting room at 1 o’clock; new members are always welcome and some tea and biscuits are shared together at the end of the meeting.


Lenten reflection Group on Wednesday Evenings in the parish meeting room at 7pm, beginning February 28th, and then March 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th; Mr. Ronnie Boyd has offered to lead the group and if you would like to take part please contact him on 07803941573 or


A Message from Right to Life: please support an amendment to reduce our abortion law from 24 weeks to 22 weeks. Babies born prematurely at 22 weeks are thriving and there is a contradiction in our abortion law. Collect a postcard today from the back of the church and post it to your MP in support of this amendment. This proposed amendment is supported by a large cross-party group of MPs. The latest guidance from the British association of Perinatal-Medicine enables doctors to intervene to save premature babies from 22 weeks. Research indicates that a significant number of babies born at 22 or 23 weeks can now survive outside the womb.


St Patrick’s Night Celebration in the Parish Hall on Friday March 22nd at 7pm; please join us for this social gathering; tickets cost £16 and this includes a dinner and some musical entertainment; tickets are available at the back of the church or from the sacristy.


Special Collection this weekend for sick and retired priests of the Diocese; a little donation from us all goes a long way. Thank you.


Recently Deceased: John Darby, Hugh Fulton, Tom McGuckin, Hilda McGhee, James Dalton, Charles Whyte, Ann Therese Howie


Special Remembrance: Charlie Boyle, Sheena Bogan, Robert Bogan, Kathleen Tiernan, deceased members of the Dalton and McKenna Families and all our deceased relatives and friends and the benefactors of St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s.


Sunday Masses at St. Mary’s:

Saturday Vigil at 5.00pm and Sunday Morning at 9.00am 10.30am

 St Mary's Mass Times

St Paul's 


Contact St Mary's and St Paul's, Hamilton

120 Cadzow St, Hamilton ML3 6HP, UK

01698 423552

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