Sixth Sunday of Easter

May 9th 2021


My dear parishioners at St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s,


This week, on Thursday, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord, which in normal times would be a Holyday of Obligation. It is good that at least some of us will be able to celebrate the liturgy for this beautiful feast, which reminds us of Christ’s continuing presence with us from his place in heaven.


I offer here the schedule for the days ahead:


Saturday 8thMay: Vigil Mass at St. Paul’s at 4pm and at St. Mary’s at 5.30pm

Sunday 9thMay: First Holy Communion at St. Mary’s at 10am and 12 noon

Sunday 9thMay: Mass at St. Paul’s at 10.30am


Monday 10th May: Mass at St. Mary’s at 10am

Tuesday 11thMay: Mass at St. Mary’s at 10am


Wednesday 12thMay: Vigil Mass of Ascension at St. Mary’s at 7pm

Thursday 13thMay: Solemnity of the Ascension: Mass at St. Paul’s at 10am

Mass at St. Mary’s at 12 noon


Saturday 15thMay: Vigil Mass at St. Paul’s at 4pm and at St. Mary’s at 5.30pm

Sunday 16thMay: Mass at St. Paul’s at 9.15am and at St. Mary’s at 10.30am


Monday 17thMay: Mass at St. Mary’s at 10am

Tuesday 18thMay: Mass at St. Mary’s at 10am

Wednesday 19thMay: Mass at St. Mary’s at 10am


The Diocese of Motherwell has recommended that we have a booking system (Eventbrite)for places at the liturgy; this is for safety reasons and also to ensure that people are not disappointed if they arrive at church and discover they cannot gain access. For each service the parish must retain the details of all those attending so that contact tracing can be carried out if necessary.

Please consult the parish website, to book a place through Eventbrite or phone the church house. 


Bishop Toal has written a Pastoral Letter to the people of Motherwell Diocese and this can be read at In the letter he asks that during the month of May we try to support the diocesan responsibilities for Sick and Retired Clergy. A collection basket will be placed at the back of the church during May for this purpose. The bishop is sincerely grateful for your support of the diocese during these challenging times.


Sacramental Celebrations at St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s: please note the following dates forsacramental celebrations with pupils from St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s Primary Schools:


St. Mary’s Confirmations:

Monday 7thJune at 6pm

Tuesday 8thJune at 6pm

Wednesday, 9thJune at 6pm

Monday 14thJune at 6pm

Tuesday 15thJune at 6pm

Wednesday 16thJune at 6pm


St. Paul’s Confirmations:

Sunday 23rdMay at 11am


Please remember in your prayers:

All who are sick in the parish and all who have asked us to pray for them


Recently Deceased: Marie Whalen, Teresa Budd, John Whyte, Donald Liddell, Catherine O’Rafferty, John McGunnigal


Special Remembrance:Kevin Bryant, Joe and Ella Paterson, Tommy Daly, Robert Daley, John and Mary McCaig, Margaret Boyd, Christina Duffy, Mary Madden, Charles Feenie, Eric Murphy, Michael O’Brien and all our deceased relatives and friends and the benefactors of St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s, requiescant in pace. 

Sunday Masses at St. Mary’s:

Saturday Vigil at 5.30pm and Sunday Morning at 10.30am

  St Mary's Mass Times

St Paul's Mass Times


Sunday Services at St. Paul’s:

Saturday Vigil at 4pm and Sunday Morning at 9.15am.

Contact St Mary's and St Paul's, Hamilton

120 Cadzow St, Hamilton ML3 6HP, UK

01698 423552